About  Vagabond Teardrop Caravans

The brainchild of Richard Dickin who studied for seven years in New Zealand and qualified as a Yacht Builder and 3 D Designer was born several years ago. Many nights of lying awake, years of designing and planning and NOW proudly presenting

Vagabond-Teardrop Caravan

There can be few feelings as delicious and exciting as those you feel just before setting off on a road trip. It’s an intoxicating feeling of freedom, anticipation and utter joy. For the next few hours your car becomes your home, and if you are like most travellers, you set off at the crack of dawn to make a dent in your mileage tank; so that when the road gets busy you are ahead of the pack and comfortably in driving mode, and tackling the road at a safe speed and pacing yourself. Camping is meant to be fun and a relaxing experience, and this is what Vagabond Teardrop Caravans offers.

An easy towing experience, and a very quick set-up of camp and your relaxation starts, or perhaps not straight away be warned as a neighbour will most certainly spot you with your Vagabond Teardrop Caravan and waltz over as the Vagabond Teardrop Caravan is a conversation starter….. Let your Journey Begin