Welcome to our price and specification pages:

  • Towing licence required:   “B” licence.

  • Towing Vehicle required:  “1200cc”

  • TARE : “530KGS”

  • G.V.M:  “750KGS”


We at Vagabond Caravans have THREE models as standard to choose from, however we do custom versions of all THREE models if the specs are not what our clients require.

Our standard units are our most common builds we do, but we all know that everybody is different and camps in there own way.

If you require a more accurate price please feel free to add and remove some of the items in our spec sheets and request a quotation on our contacts page. 



“HOBO”   R76500.00

“ROAMER”   R92700.00

“NOMAD 4×4   R115600.00


HOBO SPECS                    ROAMER SPECS                    NOMAD 4×4